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Be a Responsible Company
  • As a responsible company, Regal Hotels International is committed to developing a sustainability programme by implementing a series of green measures and attaining international sustainability certifications. One important aspect of the programme is that we fully engage our employees and our guests throughout the process.
Our Hotels in Hong Kong
  • Carbon neutrality is one of the ultimate goals in environmental protection. In 2010, Regal iClub Hotel became the first hotel in Hong Kong to go carbon neutral after assessing and measuring its carbon footprint in accordance with the international standards of ISO 14064 and the GHG Protocol. The hotel achieved carbon neutrality by reducing its footprint and offsetting its carbon emissions through funding the Sichuan NW Afforestation and Reforestation Project, which was certified in 2009 under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism Executive Board and the Board of Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard.
  • Regal iClub Hotel's carbon neutral programme is undertaken with the technical support and advisory services of Carbon Care Asia, a provider of cutting-edge services in carbon strategy and sustainability innovation.
Our Hotels in Mainland China
  • Regal Hotels in mainland China have taken practical action to meet the company's environmental goals. In Shanghai, Regal International East Asia Hotel achieved a "Golden Leaf" standard and Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel achieved a "Silver Leaf" standard in accordance with the Green Hotel criteria set by the National Tourism Administration of China. These achievements reflect the success of the environmental protection measures implemented in these two Shanghai hotels, and they have become a model for other hotels to follow in China.
Our Restaurants and Catering
  • Our hotel group has also implemented green ideas in our restaurants and banquet services, including green wedding packages, green meeting packages, low carbon menus and the introduction of ocean-friendly menus to engage our customers and to encourage them to be a part of our green contribution.
  • This year, three Regal Hotels in Hong Kong – Regal Hongkong Hotel, Regal Kowloon Hotel and Regal Oriental Hotel – partnered with Foodlink Foundation, a non-profit making organisation that works to mitigate hunger, build self-sufficiency and foster nutritional wellness while reducing food wastage in hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong. These three Regal Hotels donate safe-to-eat surplus food to Foodlink Foundation, which delivers it to those in need.
  • In addition to our partnership with Foodlink Foundation, Regal Hotels recently set up small organic gardens at each property in Hong Kong, with each garden growing various kinds of produce that are used as fresh, chemical-free organic herbal seasonings or vegetable dishes in the hotels' daily recipes.
Our Social Participation
  • Earth Hour is one of the world's most significant environmental events in response to climate change, and it symbolises a commitment by individuals, communities, businesses and governments worldwide. This year, all six Regal Hotels in Hong Kong and Regal Hotel in Dezhou, China participated in this programme and turned off their non-essential lights during the appointed hour to show our care for the Earth. Going forth, we pledge to take additional energy-saving actions in our daily operations as we continue to push the limits of our sustainable development.
Encourage Employees to be Responsible
  • Guest engagement is vital to our programme, but its success ultimately depends on strong support from our hotel teams. Our employees are encouraged to be environmentally responsible when carrying out their duties in the workplace. Employees at all levels are encouraged to follow green practices by participating in various environmentally focused activities such as the training sessions that are organised on a regular basis in all Regal Hotels.
  • All levels of associates are encouraged to act green through various green-oriented activities. Green take and other related training sessions are organized on regular basis in all Regal Hotels for all levels of staff.
Encourage Travellers to be Responsible
  • Regal Hotels encourages our guests to be responsible travellers. Guests can contribute to the protection of the environment in the following ways:
  • Planning stage
    • - Buy electronic tickets
    • - Checking in online
    • - Turn off all electronic appliances and devices at home
    • - Purchase carbon offsets to mitigate the emissions from air travel
    • - Bring own sanitary items and travel cutlery
  • Travelling stage
    • - Take public transportation
    • - Reduce water consumption and conserve energy at hotel
    • - Support green hotels
    • - Join local walking tours