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PROMOTIONS - Food & Beverage

Regal Palace
Winter Delicacies and Soup

A bowl of warm and hearty soup is always a great comfort in the cold and dry season.  Regal Palace prepares a series of scrumptious double-boiled soups for guests’ enjoyment this winter.  The Executive Chinese Chef of Regal Palace, Chef Christopher Yeung, recommends Stewed Chicken with Conch Soup and Stewed Fish Maw with Conch Soup that offer various restorative properties for health and well-being.

Snake soup is also a must-eat in winter. Regal Palace is now promoting Braised Snake Soup with Fish Maw. The dish is made of five different kinds of snake, fish maw and traditional herbs. This tasty soup is believed to keep body’s warm.

The award-winning Regal Palace serves authentic and refined Cantonese Cuisine in a splendid setting. With a choice of seafood and live fish, signature & award-winning dishes and dim sum delicacies, the restaurant demonstrates the true taste of Canton with Seasonal Casserole Menus which are available for guest’s valuable dining enjoyment.


Braised Snake Soup with Fish Maw

HK$178 (per person)
HK$588 (per serving)

Stewed Chicken with Conch Soup HK$198 (per person)
Stewed Fish Maw with Conch Soup HK$198 (per person)
Soup of the Day

HK$88 (per person)
HK$238 (per serving)


Casseroles (30-minute for preparation)

Stewed Chicken with Chinese Herbs and Fish Maw

HK$388 (Half Bird)
HK$688 (Whole Bird)

Braised Mutton with Mushroom and Bamboo Shoot HK$498
Braised Chicken with Curry Sauce in Casserole HK$348
Braised Beef Brisket with Curry Sauce in Casserole HK$268
Claypot Rice with Preserved Duck and Meat HK$308
Claypot Rice with Agarics and Diced Cod-Fish HK$308
Claypot Rice with Preserved Sausage and Spare Rib HK$338


Terms and conditions

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  • Reservation is required and subject to availability
  • All prices is subject to tea and condiments and 10% service charge
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of Regal Hongkong Hotel is final and conclusive



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