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Top 10 dining

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Dai Pai Dong

Dai pai dong is a type of open-air food stall which serves tasty traditional Chinese cuisine, cheaply and quickly...

Local Café

To have a real taste of the local dining, don't miss out the local café, which offers authentic Hong Kong Style Milk Tea, Pineapple Bun, and a wide array of local delicacies...

Dessert / Tong Shui

From traditional Chinese Tong Shi like Red Bean Soup, Sesame Soup and Beancurd Dessert, to modern dessert with a fusion of Hong Kong style, Kowloon City has it all. Check out for the long queue to discover the renowned ones!

Chinese Herbal Tea

Being an Intangible Cultural Heritage, Chinese Herbal Tea has extensive medical values. People in Hong Kong like having the tea to keep healthy.

Cart Noodles

Cart Noodles began in the 1950s and becomes a cultural food icon of Hong Kong. Due to a vast variety of toppings available, you can make your own noodle combinations according to personal preference.

Hong Kong Style Milk Tea

Hong Kong style milk tea originates from English tea culture and now the “Hong Kong Style Silk Stocking milk tea” is renowned for its smoothness. Hong Kong people like to pair it with egg tarts in tea time.

Street Snack

The most popular street snacks in Hong Kong are egg waffle, put chai ko, curry fish ball. Most of them are put on sticks or in paper bags to make them portable and can be instantly eaten.

Ngong Ping Village

The 1.5-hectare Ngong Ping Village is a culturally themed area with a wide array of shops and eateries. In Ngong Ping Village, tourists can enjoy a delightful dining experience in Chinese, Japanese, western restaurants etc.

Vegetarian Food

A vegetarian meal in the quiet and idyllic ambience of the monastery offers a welcome relief for modern people who are used to the hustle and bustle of city life.

Tung Chung Seafood

Due to the geographical advantage of Tung Chung, the area offers a wide variety of fresh and lively seafood.