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Afternoon Tea Buffet at Cafe Rivoli

Have a nice and relaxing weekend at Regal Hongkong Hotel! After a crazy shopping with friends at Causeway Bay, it is great for you to enjoy a savoury afternoon tea buffet at Café Rivoli. The restaurant presents an array of delicacies for you to brighten up the day!

Afternoon tea buffet serves a selection of delicacies to satisfy guests. Guests can have some cold selections, assorted sushi (salmon, tuna, octopus and more), salad bar with condiments and some other cold temptations for a fresh start. An array of snack including Fish and Chips, Spring Roll, Thai Honey Chicken Wing, Mini Sandwich, Club Sandwich, Yakitori, Japanese Cheese Seafood Pizza, Italian Pizza, Chicken Congee with Vegetarian Abalone, English Scone and more are available on the buffet table to tickle diners’ palate. Besides, Cantonese delicacies including noodles corner, Chinese dim sum and Indian corner are also the dishes cannot be missed. Food items of afternoon tea buffet will be changed regularly to delight guests.

After all, you will need to cheer up a weekend with various eye-catching desserts including Chocolate Fountain, Tiramisu, Mango Napoleon! Guests can also design their own Dreyer’s or Movenpick ice cream sundae with various condiments on the colourful table.

Afternoon Tea Buffet

Serving Times

3:30 pm to 5:30 pm (Saturday and Sunday)


Adult: $268 Child $168

*Prices are subject to 10% service charge

Other Specialities

  • Salad Bar
  • Assorted Sushi (Salmon, Tuna, Octopus, etc)
  • Marinated Chicken Wings with Sweet Soy Sauce
  • Thai Honey Chicken Wing
  • Spring Roll
  • Bacon Sausage
  • Yakitori
  • Korean Style Pork Cartilage
  • Noodles Corner
  • Indian Corner (Beef, Vegetable, Chicken, etc)
  • Club Sandwich
  • Toasted Sandwich
  • Mini Burger
  • Japanese Cheese Seafood Pizza
  • Italian Pizza
  • Chicken Congee with Vegetarian Abalone
  • Chinese Dim Sum (Shao Mai, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Steamed Bun, Steamed Egg Custard Bun, Steamed Barbecued Pork Bun, etc)
  • Chinese Fried Noodles
  • English Scone
  • Tiramisu
  • Mango Napoleon
  • Dreyer’s or Movenpick Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Fountain

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