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Promotions - Food & Beverage

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Regal Palace
Winter Delicacies and Soup

A bowl of warm and hearty soup is always a great comfort in the cold and dry season.  Regal Palace prepares a series of scrumptious double-boiled soups for guests’ enjoyment this winter.  The Executive Chinese Chef of Regal Palace, Chef Christopher Yeung, recommends Stewed Chicken with Conch Soup (HK$188 / person) and Stewed Fish Maw with Conch Soup (HK$198 / person) that offer various restorative properties for health and well-being.

Snake soup is also a must-eat in winter. Regal Palace is now promoting Braised Snake Soup with Fish Maw (HK$168 / person; HK$528 / serving). The dish is made of five different kinds of snake, fish maw and traditional herbs. This tasty soup is believed to keep body’s warm.

The award-winning Regal Palace serves authentic and refined Cantonese Cuisine in a splendid setting. With a choice of seafood and live fish, signature & award-winning dishes and dim sum delicacies, the restaurant demonstrates the true taste of Canton with Seasonal Casserole Menus which are available for guest’s valuable dining enjoyment.

Casseroles (30-minute for preparation)

Stewed Chicken with Chinese Herbs and Fish Maw

HK$328 (Half Bird)
HK$648 (Whole Bird)

Braised Mutton with Mushroom and Bamboo Shoot HK$488
Braised Chicken with Curry Sauce in Casserole HK$328
Braised Beef Brisket with Curry Sauce in Casserole HK$288
Claypot Rice with Preserved Duck and Meat HK$308
Claypot Rice with Agarics and Diced Cod-Fish HK$308
Claypot Rice with Preserved Sausage and Spare Rib HK$308


Braised Snake Soup with Fish Maw

HK$168 (per person)
HK$528 (per serving)

Stewed Chicken with Conch Soup HK$188 (per person)
Stewed Fish Maw with Conch Soup HK$198 (per person)
Soup of the Day

HK$58 (per person)
HK$188 (per serving)


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