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Regal Court
Freshwater Fish Feast

Our Chief Executive Chinese Chef meticulously crafts the “Freshwater Fish Feast” Menu that showcases eight exquisite dishes made from Freshwater Fishes like Marble Goby and Eel, offering you the ultimate freshness.

Marble Goby is being valued as premium fish amongst all other Freshwater Fishes. The Braised Marble Goby and Fish Maw with Abalone Sauce will definitely refresh your taste buds, in which Marble Goby is complemented by the sumptuous Fish Maw and rich Abalone sauce for an additional extravagance. Pan-fried Eel with Soya Sauce is another must-try delight. The freshness of Eel can be retained and flavour can be enriched by using white pepper whilst the Hua Diao Wine makes the dish even more scrumptious. Steamed Eel with Plum in Lotus Leaf is a simple yet delectable choice. The addition of plum, miso, garlic and tangerine further elevates the fresh taste of the Eel to serve you an authentic treat. Cooking Sautéed Fish Head with Aka Miso Sauce in the clay pot perfectly trapped the essence of the Fish Head that allows you to savour its original flavour.

The promotion runs until 30 June 2021. Pamper yourself with the Freshwater Fish delicacies at Regal Court for an exceptional dining experience.

"Freshwater Fish Feast" Menu

Braised Marble Goby Fish and Fish Maw with Abalone Sauce

Braised Fish Head and Fish Maw in Casserole

Steamed Eel with Plum in Lotus leave

Pan-fried Eel with Soy Sauce

Steamed Eel with Bitter Melon in Black Bean Sauce

Sautéed Fish Head with Soybean Paste

Steamed Fish Head and Chicken with Preserved Vegetables

Poached Sliced Mandarin Fish in Chili Oil

Steamed Sliced Mandarin Fish with Red Date, Black Fungus and Daylily

Deep-fried Dace Fish Ball with Preserved Clam Sauce and Crispy Rice


Please contact our restaurant staff for more details.

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