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The New Opening of Japanese Restaurant – Umami

Located in Regal Kowloon Hotel, Umami serves authentic Japanese delicacies with an extensive choice of Sushi, Wasyoku and Teppanyaki in a causal dining environment.

Umami in Japanese literally means “A Pleasant Savoury Taste”. This fifth sense of taste is highlighted by our Chefs through retaining the freshness and natural flavours while preparing the food to enhance the palatability. We feature top-notched ingredients from different prefectures of Japan and around the world to create foods rich in umami components. Signature items including fresh Sea Urchin, seasonal Shrimp and premium Beef are specially picked and meticulously served to impress every diner.

Sea Urchin – One of the most famous food in Japan, colour ranged from light yellow to bright orange with fresh ocean flavour, creamy and smooth texture. Different varieties of sea urchin are found geographically and seasonally by our chefs and we source the sea urchin from its best origins including Japan, Korea, Canada and more, presenting dishes in form of sushi, sashimi, tempura and grill with scallop. 

Chef’s Recommendations: Seasonal Sea Urchin Sashimi Platter, Sea Urchin Tempura

Shrimp – Japanese Botan Shrimp, Shima Shrimp, Live Shrimp, Shiro Shrimp and more are selected by us and presented in form of sushi, sashimi and tempura to retain the original savoury.

Chef’s Recommendations: Shima Shrimp Sashimi, Prawn Tempura

Beef – Selecting the premium beef from Japan, U.S. and Australia with the perfect balance of fat and meat to offer the flavoursome taste and best texture of meat in teppanyaki or seared way.

Chef’s Recommendations: Japanese Hida Beef, Japanese Miyazaki Beef

A-la-carte items (Click here for details) and lunch set menus are available all day for selection.

For a complete dining experience, don’t forget to pair the authentic delicacies with our unique collection of beer and sake. Over 15 types of Japanese craft beer and four categories of sake are of your choice to go along with the food.

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