Starting a brand new chapter in life
with Postpartum Glow Stay

Caring both newborn babies and postpartum mothers, Regal Riverside Hotel is the first hotel in Hong Kong. Overlooking the picturesque Shing Mun River in Shatin, Regal Riverside Hotel is the first in Hong Kong to provide a comfortable and harmonious environment along with professional postpartum care for mothers after delivery and their babies.

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Professional · Excellent
Passionate · Caring

  • Mind and body retreat for mothers and babies
  • Meticulous baby care
  • Professional postpartum care
  • Nourishing postpartum recovery meal
  • Tranquil and comfortable environment
  • Safe and thoughtful facilities and amenities
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Comfy rooms with comprehensive facilities and amenities

Mothers and babies will enjoy their time on the dedicated floor with all-rounded facilities. Bright and creamy, spacious and relaxing, it will be a perfect place for mothers to start their new chapter of lifetime while enjoying the moments with their babies.

Nourishing Postpartum Recovery Meal

The nutritious meal plans are designed by registered dietitians and each ingredient is carefully selected by the Executive Chef of the hotel, ensuring every meal is safe, healthy and delicious.